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Can I still communicate via SMSs? Can I combine SMS and WhatsApp?
There is always a way to communicate with your customers. For example, WhatsApp messages allow a cost-effective interaction wherever the customer is, long messages, multimedia content, links to web pages. SMS is still a great channel for marketing communication. You can use both channels as needed - both ways have their own advantages.
WhatsApp Business seems similar to your system…
WhatsApp Business is a solution for communicating 1-o-1 with customers. Fidelius, which supports WhatsApp and other channels, provides automatic options for reaching out to all of your customers, for example by sending appointment reminders, birthday wishes, as well as marketing and notification messages to all of your customers with the press of a button! You don’t even need to be connected for sending reminders: messages are sent automatically!
Do you have any partnership program?
Fidelius works with partners: Fidelius Consulting Partner (FCP): marketing and advertising companies that help you to set up your digital presence Fidelius ISV Partner (FIP): software editors (ISV) that integrate Fidelius in their solution to allow multi-channel messaging Contact us for more information
What fees should I pay while using Fidelius?
No subscription fees applied, Fidelius works on Pay-As-You-Use concept (pre-paid). You buy the credits that you need, when you need them.
Can my purchased credits expire?
No. Credits are not reimbursable, however they will never expire.
Will my customer pay for received messages?
No. Your customer will not pay either for WhatsApp or SMS received.
How many characters can I include in my message?
SMS supports 160 characters, but you can send a long SMS with max about 600 characters (that will use multiple credits based on the length). WhatsApp supports about 65000 characters, voice messages, pictures and so on. However the reminders can have up to 1600 characters.
How long does it take to deliver a message to my client?
Any messages (SMS or WhatsApp) are usually delivered to mobile phones (as long as they are on-line) within a few seconds (up to max a few minutes) - during peak hours, there could be a short delay.
Can you guarantee the delivery of every message I send?
Yes. All messages will be delivered, as long as the number is correct (for the channel) and the customer is online.
Do my customers need to give any permission before I can send them appointment reminders that customers can confirm?
GDPR obliges the responsible of the data treatment to have a permission before sending messages. However the first message exchanged with the customer, following an explicit request, can be sent without specific agreements. While confirming the appointment, the customers can read about their own rights.
Can my own number be used by Fidelius?
SMS can be sent from your own mobile number (where customers can answer) or from a short ID (e.g.: FIDELIUS) - with no answer possible. WhatsApp will be sent from a new number belonging to you, where customers can answer. We care about the number provisioning.
How fast can I start with Fidelius?
With SMS, practically immediately. With WhatsApp it will take some time for the formalities.
Will any actions be required from my customers in order to start with Fidelius?
No, as it is enough for your customers to use their preferred messaging app.
How can I get Fidelius?
Very easy, please, Contact us for more information
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