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The hairdresser “Bob the Barber” has a customer, Nick, who wants to schedule an appointment for a haircut. Bob places the details of the customer’s schedule in Fidelius calendar and here the magic starts: Fidelius sends automatic appointment reminders to Nick as requested by Bob’s preferences (e.g. as soon as the appointment is scheduled and the day before the appointment). Fidelius helps Bob’s business as it sends the messages automatically and assists Nick not to forget about his amazing haircut. In addition Nick can confirm the appointment or ask to reschedule directly from the reminder.
Beauty Studio
Eva and Marion run the beauty studio “Cloud 7”. They want to offer a promotion to all their customers on their birthday. All their customers will get a “Happy Birthday” message from Fidelius on behalf of Eva & Marion, even though they are busy or out-of-office. Fidelius allows “Cloud 7” to concentrate fully on its business and to give a personalized touch to its customers.
When the COVID-19 restrictions are eased, all the customers of “SPA Riviera” will immediately receive a notification about new working hours, so they can quickly book a SPA session and schedule a relaxing massage! Fidelius helps “SPA Riviera” to remain lean, organized and productive.
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